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Okay I just wanted to give you all a heads up on a fic I will be writing called Logan Winchester. It is as you probably guessed it a fic where Logan is revealed to be the son of John Winchester.

Thanks to dhfreak spending a great deal of time with me on YIM I was able to come up with an outline for the story. Here it is for those who might be interested.

LOGAN WINCHESTER Story by Chosenfire

Chapter 1 -Logan is having a nightmare about a woman pinned the ceiling on fire and he wakes up and the sheets are singed, he panicks and tries to stay awake longer, the nightmares have been going on for awhile and at the end he sees yellow eyes and feels a searing heat(he is dreaming of what happned in Lawrence) the 1st chapter ends with Logan getting a letter fro his mother's lawyers she wrote before her death telling him that Aaron Echolls is not his father

Chapter 2 -I think the next chapter I'll have Logan find out his nanny died in his nursery when he was six months old on there was a fire, he goes to visit her family and is told he is special. Flashback to what happened that night.

Chapter 3 -Logan tries finding his biological father on his own but gets frustrated and asks Veronica for help telling her everything and showing her the letter.

Chapter4 -Veronica finds the name Winchester and tries to break it to him gently but Logan gets emotional when he finds out money has been steadily shelled out to John Winchester to keep quiet (how else could he have hunted and afforded too children and hotel rooms, gas, weapons, hustling pool and credit card scams only go so far) so he calls John only to get directed Dean's way, well being drunk and belligerent Logan leaves a message.
Chapter 5 -Well the next chapter will pick up with Dean getting the message and when he starts hauling ass to Neptune(somethings click from what he remembers, probably flashback) Sam asks questions but Dean shuts him out finally when they get to California Sam forces Dean to talk in only the way he can(I'm thinking of him grabbing the wheel and yanking it to the side of the road and Dean tells him everything and shows some anger towards daddy dearest.

Chapter 6 -Okay more...(you do realize I am planning out the story because of you) back to Veronica and Logan, Veronica finds out what Logan did and they have a fight over it, since Logan is hungover and still reeling from the news hes his old bitting self and they do the whole snark/insults back and forth and Logan storms off and sets the hotel room on fire (a small fire) he puts it out and I have a scene planned where he sort of break downs sinking on the couch and burying his head in his hands

Chapter 7 -sidenote: Logan is one of the special children, he is a pyro, so fitting for him you know) Dean and Sam arrive in Neptune while dean is still rying to contact their dad, when they get there they treat it like any other job but its not, its their little brother. Logan apologizes to Veronica and when she asks him if there is something going on she doesn't know about he lies and says no, they share a tender moment then Logan heads back to the hotel where he finds none other than Dean and sam waiting on his doorstep.

Chapter 8 -OKay yeah I know cliffhanger I love them, next is Logan at his snarky best, Logan snark, Dean snark, Sam trying to play mediator. Logan grudgingly invites them in and they have an argument (Dean and Logan) that Sam breaks up but Logan revelas the fact that John's been being paid to ignore him (lot of nasty comments designed to piss Dean off) oh and Logan throws a punch at Dean whoe delivers in turn with a tackle and when I say Sam breaks them apart he literally breaks them apart. After that Logan offers Sam the extra room for the night and Dean the couch. Logan has another nightmare, Sam has a nightmare about Logan, and Dean wakes up to find himself looking at one very confused Veronica Mars and....another cliffhanger.

Chapter 9 -Okay so Logan lies to her, claims Dean is an old buddy of his who he is letting crash for the night and ushers her out of the room before Dean can say anything. Meanwhile inside Sam is coming into the front room and Dean tells him that Logan just lied to his girlfriend sounding smug, a long drawn out Dean and Sam conversation follows and goes back to Logan and Veronica who are still tense after the fight, Logan lies again to get out of any plans and sends Veronica on her way. Logan comes back in the room and Dean hounds him about what he did and Logan shoots back an insult when Sam steps in again and threatens to lock them both in a room together if they don't just shut up, it works, for a little bit. Until after room service leaves and Dean asks about the scorched sheets, Logan tries to lie his way out of it but the brothers are relentless and him and Dean get into a yelling argument again only this time something catches on fire and Logan freaks out about it, closing scene Logan looking at them in fire as Sam outs out the small blaze on the floor and Dean reaches for his gun.

Chapter 10 -So picks back up at that scene and Logan is backing away staring at the floor stunned and not even noticing Dean has his gun drawn on him, Sam sees though and he steps forward and puts his hand on Dean's arm having him lower the gun. Logan starts babbling, cursing, freaking out and Dean finally stops being paranoid and steps forward asking what happened. Big scene with Logan finally looking up at him teary eyed and screaming I don't know. Sam steps forwar and their all standing close together and he starts questioning Logan, when did it start, has he hurt anyone, and finally gets to the dreams where....Logan mentions yellow eyes and Dean and Sam share a knowing look, the demon. So Dean asks what happened to his mom, Logan gets angry saying something like she jumped off a bridge, Dean stays calm and asks about a fire when he was six months old and dum dum dum there was and Logan tells his sad little tale with biting sarcasm and masked fear and vulnerbility, the first actual talk between the brothers is interupted by the ringing of Dean's cellphone and who else can it be but Daddy Winchester and...another cliffhanger

Chapter 11 -So it goes quiet when Dean announces who it is and he answers what follows is a conversation very out of character for the perfect little soldier when he yells at his dad and hangs up on him. Sam asks what he called for and Dean sarcastically tells him that he called to give them another job, he then turns to Logan and asks if he fells like a drink, ignores a stunned Sam who does the whole hes not even legal thing, and wants to know if his new brother wants to get wasted. Logan who just heard Dean tell off John agrees and Sam follows the two to keep an eye on them. Pick up at the bar where Dean and Logan keep knocking them back and Sam has Dean's keys, Dean gets Logan talking about Veronica which has Dean the Winchester's track record with women they love who either get killed or almost killed. Ofcourse Dean spills about the Demon and Logan is not drunk enough to forget, this cliffhanger has Logan asking why Dean has a knife under his pillow the next morning and what in the hell was he talking about.

Chapter 12 - It's time for confession tim, the brothers tell Logan all about the Supernatural starting off with what happened 22 years ago to one Mary Winchester. Logan would normally have a hard time believing them but since he is setting fires all over the place it goes down easier and when Sam mentions what happened to Jessica Logan comes to a painful conclusion. Loving Veronica could get her killed. So then he asks what John called about and Dean tells them its a job....Logan asks to go and the boys realaizing that the youngest of their family is in even more danger tell him to get ready, he tells them there is something he has to do first. So he goes and sees Veronica. She confronts him about the lies and he goes back to his old persona and hurts her as bad as he possibly can and walks away.

Chapter 13 - So now all three Winchester brother's are on the road and Sam and Dean have to lead Logan through a quick lesson of their life. Of demons, spirits, and anything else they hunt. First Logan has to learn how to handle the weapons and hand to hand combat, as we all know from season 2 Logan is a damn good shot so thats no problem and I am going on the fact that he grew up in Hollywood with an action star dad that fightinh isn't so hard either. They get sweaty and dirty and this cliffhanger has Dean and Sam seeing the scar marks on Logan's body as he heads to the shower, scar marks in the shape of cigarettes and a belt.

Chapter 14 - Now its time for some Dean focus as the evidence of what Logan has grown up with is thrown in his face. And he thought his childhood was rough. Him and Sam talk about it and Sam tells him about Aaron Echolls(cause Sam knows more about pop culture than Dean) when Logan gets out Dean starts asking questions and Logan tells him the truth in a bitter tone of voice reminding the brothers that not all monsters are demons, some are human. Logan changes the subject on to the upcoming hunt. Later that night when Sam and Logan are sleeping Dean calls John who answers and tells his father what he left his youngest to be raised with, They have a serious discussion and John is shown in a lot better light.

Chapter 15 - Its time to bring Daddy Winchester into this...sort of. The POV flips to him and what he has been doing up to that point, it answers all the whys and whatss that you've been thinking up to this point. A series of flashbacks showing John metting Lynn, the birth of Logan and the decision John was forced to make to keep and protect Dean and Sam, to give up his yougest son. His guilt and his determination. And did I forget to mention the fact that this is all when John is about to met aaron Echolls face to face to inform him of the change in situations. Cold overprotective daddy John and lets Aaron know that if he ever comes near Logan again he'll regret it.

dhfreak also did a bunch of graphics for the story so she should probably post them here (gentle nudge)
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