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Fic: Life's Little Lies

Title: Life's Little Lies
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their owners and I make no profit off playing with them.
Fandoms: Supernatural/Veronica Mars
Series: Logan Winchester verse
Characters: Logan, Dean, Sam, John, Veronica
Spoilers: SPN season 1, VM post season 2
Summary: Logan has always dreaded being like his father, but what if thats something he doesn't have to fear anymore. What if his father wasn't the man who murdered his girlfriend but a man named John Winchester? Does that explain his sudden pyrotecnics.

A/N: So Dean is 26, Sam 22, and Logan 18. This story has been a long time coming and I would have never have written it all if it wasn't for the help of dhfreak in planning it out and the beuatiful artwork she supplied me with. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

A/N2: Yeah I know the timelines are messed up a little bit by a year (S2 of SPN was happening S3 of VM) but it doesn't work for me.

Chapter 1 Night Burn

"Hey Sammy." a man looked down at a baby a loving smile on his face that slipped away when something dripped on the child's forehead than blanket. He wiped at it to discovery it was blood and his eyes went to the ceiling filling with hrror at what he saw.

A woman with blond hair was pinned there a large gash on her stomach. Flames erupted around her and the man screamed.

The sound was muted but he could feel the heat of the flames burning on his own skin. He watched unable to move or talk as the man reached in the crib and scopped up the baby running into the hallway.

Take your brother outside and go, now Dean now." the man shouted as he thrusts the baby into a little boys arms and rushed back into he room.

The flames still burned out of control the body disappearing from view as the heat licked at the walls and consumed the room that had been a nursery. The man stumbled out but Logan has unable to move stuck in the flames as everything burnt down around him and for a split second there was a searing pain in his finger tips and his skin became overheated

His eyes popped open sweat beading his skin as he sat up in the bed. Logan sucked in the cold air as he brought a hand to his forehead to wipe away the sweat. He winced and looked in confusion at his red finger tips.

It looked like he had stuck his fingers on a stove.

He moved the sheet aside wincing as he got out of the bed he had slept in for the past year. When he got up his eyes caught sight of the sheet and he paused fear flooding his body. He didn't smoke. He had tried it, hell he had tried everything he could get his hands on as a the son of a Hollywood actor but smoking had never appealed to him.

Maybe it was because of the fact that his body was riddled with ragged little scars shaped like small circles.

He hated cigarettes and cigars.

He never smoked.

He leaved in an upscale hotel where there were fresh sheets on his bed every night.

On the pristine white sheets there were singe marks and a part was still smoldering like someone had taken a cigarette or a lighter to it. Logan's fingers still burned and his stomach dropped as a sickening explanation came to him.

It wasn't possible, it couldn't be.

These dreams had been reacurring for the past couple of nights but never before had they been this clear and he definitely hadn't scorched his sheets.

There was a loud knock on the door, what had probably had woken him up.

Logan ripped the sheets off the bed looking around frantically before moving acrooss the room and stuffing them in a cupboard his hands shaking. He closed the doors hands digging in his hair as he went through a small melt down.

"I'm coming." he yelled as he made sure that nothing was out of place. Nothing that would indicate he was literally making his sheets smoulder. That's all he needed, "Movie's Star Son Setting Stuff on Fire With the Power of His Pinky".

He yanked the door open grimacing as he realized he had slept the afternoon away. Time really did fly when you were working off the mother of all hangovers.

"You're not the maid." he bit out sharply looking at yet another lawyer to make their way to his doorstep. His father had been incarcerated and suddenly Logan found himself bombarded by lawyers that hadn't let up even six months after the movie star had been put away. Logan frankly believed he deserved a lot worse, something more painful and violent but he wasn't about to complain about the method that had made the world a much brighter place.

"Logan Echolls." the attorney asked nervously. He was young and geeky and Logan wasn't about to cut the guy any slack just because he looked like he needed an inhaler. "Your mother left instructions for this to be delivered to you, we apologize for the delay."

He shoved a thin white envelope into his hands and Logan held it almost revervently not even looking up to acknowledge the mans departure. Logan closed the door behind him his eyes never straying form the stark white enevelope the alwyer had given him. He sank into the couch's cushions and gently ripped it open pulling out a single piece of paper.

His throat choked up as he read her familiar scrawl.

Dearest Logan,

I am so sorry honey that I have to leave you but we both know I am not as strong as I should be. I was never strong enough to stop you father and there is no way I could ever forgive myself for letting him hurt you and I can only hope that as time pass you can come to forgive me.

I have struggled for years to remain devoted to your father but it has gone too far and I can't take anymore.

I love you more than anything in the world and the greatest comfort to me is I am not leaving you in that monster's hands. Because when it all comes down to it he has no legal rights over you.

As you know I met your father on the set of my first major movie and I was blinded by him. He was the great aaron Echolls and it felt like I was in a dream. He pursued me and we became engaged but even before he married I knew he was unfaithful to me.

A month before we were to be married I had slipped into a bar. The movie hadn't been released yet and I was still relatively unknown so I was able to blend in. I met a man, he was an ex Marine by the name of John Winchester and he still wore his wedding band even though his wife had died four yeas earlier. He talked and drank all night, he told me about his kids and I bragged about the film leaving out all metions of the man I was to marry.

One thing lead to another and the next morning we said out goodbyes and I thought I would never see him again and that the small indiscretion would be my little secret.

Than I found out I was pregnant with you and I had your father move up the wedding date and I told him the happy news letting him believe he was about to be a father, about to have a biological child. You're father had Trina and he dotted on her but being the man he was he had to have a son.

I lied to him because you were and never will be his.

I hope this news brings you a bit of comfort and I hope you are not angry with me for having kept this from you.

Your father is a good man and when he found out about you I did a terrible thing. I paid him off to stay away from you and I even went further to threaten to have his children taken away from him if he ever approached you. I had to protect the life I had made for myself and the web of lies I had built only became more tangled.

He walked away and I thought I would never have to tell you this. Now I know it is the best thing for you. John Winchester is a decent man who I believed would have fought for you if I had given him the chance. Please go to him because I know he will care for you and once again I am sorry.

I love you so much darling and once again I am sorry for any pain or anger this might cause you.

Love, Mom

The letter dropped from Logan's numb fingers and he sat there stunned feeling as if he was floating and choking at the same time. There was a loud buzzing in his ears and his throat was dry his eyes stinging.

Out of all the things he had expected that hadn't even been an option.

That the bastard that had raised him and had owned him for the bulk of his life wasn't really his father. His hands began to shake and he grew hot and panicked.
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